Norway, 2014

Dunkirk, 2017



Né de plusieurs années d'explorations dans le monde, ce projet se définit comme une analyse des flux sous toutes leurs formes et leurs impacts.

A terme il s'agit d'illustrer, par la photographie et le reportage, une vision critique de la globalisation et du capitalisme, afin de sensibiliser les publics à la cause commune de protection de l'environnement.



Paysages Pluriels

" Les FLUX Organicistes "

Nicolas Coutable collaborated with the artist Laurent Chiffoleau on the development of an innovative perspective on the question of globalization : how to materialize, in time and space, their interpretation of the influence of flows on globalized territories in constant mutation ?

Both coming from port cities (Bordeaux and Dunkirk), they will be interested in the role of ports and trade flows and will write the history of these human flows which draw the interbreeding of cultures and peoples.

After three self-funded artistic residencies in Argentina (2015), Colombia (2017) and Nicaragua (2018), their gaze gave birth to a philosophical vision of what organicism is, through these invisible flows to the effects yet quantifiable. This artistic project is part of a scientific vision of the Anthropocene.


Abandoned Places


The last Africans


On the Canal Road